Webinar on ecocide law for business leaders. May 31, 8 am CET.

“I had spent 15 years looking for something that could change the system of the global economy and this beautiful idea does that.” ~ Jonas Roupé, former head of strategy and business intelligence at Ericsson. “We do have the solutions. We have to implement them. Being a company and taking the first step, worrying that […]

Top lawyers drafting proposal to amend international law

75 years after Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide coined at Nuremberg International lawyers Philippe Sands QC and Dior Fall Sow have co-chaired an expert drafting panel on the legal definition of “ecocide” as a potential international crime that could sit alongside War Crimes, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.  Launched with preparatory work in November 2020, […]

New international business network to safeguard ecosystems

Jonas Roupé, Senior advisor and supply chain expert

Healthy ecosystems are key to human well-being. We need to prevent mass damage and destruction of nature – ecocide. There is a way, and you can help make it happen. “Stopping Ecocide through international criminal law is essential for the survival of our cultures and economies and decisive in order to safeguard global ecosystems with […]