Open support from business and other organisations is crucial to get this law in place as quickly as possible. Here is a range of possible things to do, from acts requiring little effort to those based on greater engagement.

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Initiate an analysis of the value to your business or organisation in supporting Ecocide law, and any associated risks.

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Tell the world – and your staff – that you are standing up for Ecocide law, perhaps making it a part of your CSR or ESG work.

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Create a video and/or a statement about why you support ecocide law, for publication in your channels and ours. 

Talk about your support for Ecocide law in public appearances.

Write or co-write media articles proposing that ecocide be made a crime.

Promote the need for Ecocide law in your network – engaging them to support it. 


from the business community to governments

In the absence of international ecocide law, a small number of highly destructive activities continue to damage the living systems we all depend on.

Making ecocide a crime under the Rome Statute is not in itself sufficient to shift societies to a sustainable state, but we firmly believe that addressing the worst environmental crimes is a good place to start.

The primary objective is preventive: to encourage carefully considered decisions before engaging in activities that may be environmentally very dangerous.

Ecocide has been defined by experts in international criminal law for inclusion in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in the following way:

unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts.

Full proposal, including definition of the key terms. This definition is strong enough to cover the worst crimes, while leaving ample room for sustainable businesses to prosper.

Averting mass destruction and damage of nature will contribute to wellbeing and safety for human beings, nationally and internationally, protect biodiversity, and, by shifting the baseline, create conditions for business on planet Earth that are more fair, safe and predictable.

We, the undersigned members of the business community, call on governments to make ecocide a crime before the International Criminal Court.

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“Today the importance of international law is more relevant than ever. We set our hopes to legislation in areas such as genocide and laws of war to prevent and convict unacceptable actions. Let us include Ecocide in the tool box. Destruction of the environment and habitats caused by purpose must be condemned and legally enforced and the urgency is obvious.”

Thomas Sörensson
CEO, Scandinavian Enviro Systems.