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Ecocide Law Alliance is a knowledge hub for international ecocide law as a key enabler for a regenerative, sustainable economy. The Alliance welcomes companies and business leaders in support of Ecocide law.

Jonas Roupé, Senior advisor and supply chain expert

Jonas Roupé
Strategy and Research 
+46 (0)70 770 68 28

Monica Schüldt
Media and PR
+46 (0)70 718 30 03

Jon Bäcklund
Corporate outreach and financing
+46 (0)70 600 04 48

Jonas Roupé

Jonas Roupé has worked with business renewal and sustainability issues since 1995, and with recycling and the circular economy since 2013.

He holds an MSc in business administration, a BSc in political science and degrees in engineering and psychology. Jonas has held positions as head of Strategy, Business Intelligence, Head of Business Development, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer with companies like Ericsson, TeliaSonera and Skanova and is an experienced board member. He is and has been advising privately owned companies, stock traded companies, government owned companies, trade organisations and NGOs.

Monica Schüldt

(Swedish name “My”)
Master of Arts, University of Cambridge. 
Independent management consultant with 30+ years’ experience.
Member of the Time to Think International Faculty. 
Co-author of best selling book on how to change corporate culture. 

“Making ecocide an international crime is the best way I know of to protect our young from climate change, and to safeguard the natural world that we love and depend on.”

Jon Bäcklund

Jon Bäcklund is an entrepreneur, with two successful business start-ups to his name. He is a Board member of a broad range of companies and has many years’ experience in raising funds for start-ups.