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The Ecocide Law Alliance Foundation was formed in 2022. The purpose of the foundation is to work for the introduction of the crime of ecocide in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and to promote the ratification process, the work of the International Criminal Court, and other subsequent processes or measures related to monitoring and compliance when introducing the crime of ecocide.

The purpose of the foundation will be fulfilled through its own projects, charitable donations to organizations that support the objective of the foundation or through other ways of advancing the foundation’s objective. The foundation will work globally to seek support for the purpose, primarily from representatives of the business sector, however also from politicians, political parties, researchers, academic institutions, organisations, and individuals. 


The Board of directors of the Foundation:
Nina Macpherson, chair of the Ecocide Law Alliance, board member of several companies, i.a. Traton and Scania, former Chief Legal Officer of Ericsson.

Inger Brattne, board member of Ecocide Law Alliance, executive Coach and Affiliate, Leadership Alliance International Inc.; former international Regional Legal Lead at Pfizer.

Anna Surtevall, board member of Ecocide Law Alliance, member of The Swedish Securities Council, former VP and Head of Corporate Governance and Dispute Resolution at Ericsson.

Jonas Roupé, Senior advisor and supply chain expert

Jonas Roupé
Strategy and Research 
+46 (0)70 770 68 28

Monica Schüldt
Media and PR
+46 (0)70 718 30 03

Jon Bäcklund
Corporate outreach and financing
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