Ecocide Law - A defining step for environmental accountability

To make ecocide an international crime, prosecutable at the International Criminal Court.

Ecocide Law Alliance is a knowledge hub for international ecocide law as a key enabler for a regenerative, sustainable economy. Adding Ecocide law to the Rome Statute will level the playing field for business, and at the same time make it possible to prosecute those responsible for serious environmental crimes. The Alliance welcomes companies and business leaders in support of Ecocide law.

Making the destruction of nature an international crime will boost green businesses, speed up the sustainability transition, address climate change at source, and safeguard future generations.

Ecocide law in the Rome Staute corrects a flaw in our current economic and legal global systems: the overarching law to protect people and planet is missing. When law is missing, only law can fill the gap.

In the absence of this law, the destructive activities directed by a small number of powerful people can continue to destroy the living systems we all depend on. The Rome Statute can not alone shift our societies to a sustainable state, but addressing the worst environmental crimes is a good place to start.

By shifting the baseline, and introducing fundamental protection for nature as part of the equation, conditions for business on Planet Earth become more fair, safe and predictable. With a level playing field, markets could actually work as intended. With the clear legal boundaries that criminal law on international level provide, business cases will include better protective measures before having a chance to even receive funding.

Ecocide law closes the door in one direction - large scale industrial activities that destroy ecosystems - and opens a door in another direction. Innovation and activities that are safe for people and planet. This path holds endless possibilities for a circular, just economy.

All we need is a proposal at the International Criminal Court by 1 August, 2022. With active support from business, this is entirely feasible.

Ecocide Law Alliance encourages leaders to join us. Leaders who want to put an end to mass destruction of the natural world. Leaders from businesses, academia and other organisations. Our field of operations is global.

Contact us

Get in touch by sending the secretariat an email at, or give us a call.

Monica Schüldt, Co-founder +46 (0)70 718 30 03

Jon Bäcklund, Co-founder +46 (0)70 600 04 48

Jonas Roupé, Co-founder +46 (0)70 770 68 28

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