The Ecocide Law Alliance coordinates and assists business support for an ecocide law. We provide research, communication and networking on key benefits of ecocide law.


The Ecocide Law Alliance Foundation was formed in 2022. Our aim is to work for the introduction of the crime of ecocide in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and to promote the ratification process, the work of the International Criminal Court, and other subsequent processes or measures related to monitoring and compliance when introducing the crime of ecocide.

We bring together and mobilize forward-looking businesses who want to create conditions for fair competition within the planetary boundaries and promote sustainable business. We do this by increasing the knowledge and benefits of international law against ecocide, and by mobilizing the business sector to support the proposal that ecocide be added as a fifth crime in the Rome Statute, prosecutable in the International Criminal Court in the Hague.


The Ecocide Law Alliance has a powerful mission for business leaders. To make ecocide an international crime, prosecutable at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


In the absence of this law, destructive activities directed by a small number of people continue to destroy the living systems we all depend on. The Rome Statute cannot on its own shift societies to a sustainable state, but addressing the worst environmental destruction is a good place to start.

By shifting the baseline, and introducing fundamental protection for nature as part of the equation, conditions for business on planet Earth become more fair, safe and predictable. With a level playing field, markets could actually work as intended.

Ecocide law closes the door to activities that cause mass destruction of ecosystems, and opens a door to innovation and activities that are safe for people and planet. This path holds endless possibilities for a sustainable economy.

In the long term, neither legislators nor consumers will accept products that destroy the planet. If you make adjustments early on, you have a competitive advantage.

Karin Bodin
CEO, Polarbrödsgruppen.