The Ecocide Law Alliance has a powerful mission for business leaders. To make ecocide an international crime, prosecutable at the International Criminal Court.


The Ecocide Law Alliance Foundation was formed in 2022. Our aim is to work for the introduction of the crime of ecocide in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and to promote the ratification process, the work of the International Criminal Court, and other subsequent processes or measures related to monitoring and compliance when introducing the crime of ecocide.

We bring together and mobilize forward-looking businesses who want to create conditions for fair competition within the planetary boundaries and promote sustainable business. We do this by increasing the knowledge and benefits of international law against ecocide, and by mobilizing the business sector to support the proposal that ecocide be added as a fifth crime in the Rome Statute, prosecutable in the International Criminal Court.

Co-founder Claes Dahlbäck: Legal clarity will help sustainable and important business 

One of the founders of Ecocide Law Alliance foundation is Claes Dahlbäck, former CEO and Chairman of Swedish industrial nexus Investor AB, and former board member of international investment bank Goldman Sachs. 

Legal clarity will make it easier to operate sustainable and important business. I have always been a believer in clear, long term, responsible rules. I think they are a good thing in this area too,” says Dahlbäck.

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The Board

Nina Macpherson
Former Chief Legal Officer of Ericsson. Current assignments: Member of the Board of Traton SE, Scania AB, Netel Holding AB and Scandinavian Enviro Systems AB. Board member of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board.

Inger Brattne
Executive coach and affiliate, Leadership Alliance International Inc.; former International Regional Legal Lead at Pfizer.

Anna Surtevall
Former Business Law firm partner and Group Company Counsel specialized in company law, corporate governance, listing requirements, information and regulatory matters on the stock market. Member of the Swedish Securities Council.

Caroline Mofors
Legal, Compliance & Ethics, Corporate Risk, Governance and Sustainability executive with a broad international commercial law background. Currently Chief Legal Officer at BioGaia AB (publ) and Member of Executive Management. Board Member of International Women’s Forum, Sweden. 


A clear, fair, safe, and predictable legal framework is necessary for all businesses to thrive and a protection for their investors, insurers, and shareholders too.

Level Playing Field
Since businesses source and market all over the world, an international
ecocide legal framework protects vital ecosystems, sets boundaries for human activities, while levelling the playing field for business and contributing to
fair competition.

Innovation & Efficiency
Those who act decisively, ensuring their business is taking a lead for the
future, are likely to be more successful than those who lag behind.

Employee engagement
Making that ethical choice may also be a boost for your business, helping you recruit the right talent. Increasingly, those who can pick and choose are opting to work for organizations driven by a purpose beyond profit.

Standing up for ecocide law is an ethical choice. It shows a commitment to sustainable business that goes way beyond simply abiding by current regulations. Ecocide law is a powerful way to protect biodiversity and
human rights.

Ecocide Law Alliance is a PRI Network Supporter

The Principles for Responsible Investment, PRI, is the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. The six Principles for Responsible Investment contribute to developing a more sustainable global financial system. More than 5,000 signatories worldwide are representing a majority of the world’s professionally managed investments.

Network Supporters are non-profit peer organisations that would like to publicly express support for the PRI within their constituency, raising awareness within the investment community of responsible investment and the PRI.

In the long term, neither legislators nor consumers will accept products that destroy the planet. If you make adjustments early on, you have a competitive advantage.

Karin Bodin
CEO, Polarbrödsgruppen.