Claes Dahlbäck: Legal clarity will help sustainable and important business

One of the founders of Ecocide Law Alliance foundation is Claes Dahlbäck, former CEO and Chairman of Swedish industrial nexus Investor AB, and former board member of international investment bank Goldman Sachs

Why did you co-found Ecocide Law Alliance?

I believe humanity must learn to use, but not consume, the resources created by the riches of nature. To do that, it’s good to have laws that clarify what is way beyond the pale in terms of what the environment can take. It benefits society as a whole, including business, and it is important for future generations.

What challenges do you see ahead with the work for an ecocide law?

At the outset, it is always difficult when we ask ourselves and others to change our way of thinking. But over time it will become more obvious that other species, and animals other than humans, need long-term conditions.

What are the implications of an ecocide law for the Swedish business community?

Legal clarity will make it easier to operate sustainable and important business. I have always been a believer in clear, long term, responsible rules. I think they are a good thing in this area too.

How is the business community an important player in the transition to a sustainable society?

The business community provides innovation and technological development that make our production and consumption smarter, more sustainable, and resource-efficient.

Finally, what is your favourite type of nature?

I love our mountains and beautiful forests and the wide sea, but also open landscapes, like meadowlands. If I had to pick one, it would be the wonderful Stockholm archipelago.

Interview by End Ecocide Sweden.

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