ECOCIDE in the media

Media on Ecocide Law

Media interest in ecocide law has boomed in recent months. The business voice and business case for ecocide law is beginning to be heard and needs to grow stronger.

Financial TimesEcocide: a new weapon in the fight to save the planet. Podcast with Professor Philippe Sands. 31/07/2021.

Legal Planet. 200 words to save the planet. 13/07/2021.

NRC. “Ecocide law will empower companies and countries to change their behaviour.” 13/07/2021.

The Independent. “How do we protect the planet from destruction? Make ecocide a crime.” o7/07/2021.

World Economic Forum. “The International Criminal Court prosecutes some of the most heinous crimes…. [Adding Ecocide to the list] could help in the fight against the climate crisis.” 01/07/2021.

Financial Times. Crime of ecocide could transform fight against climate change. 25/06/2021.

Euronews. Top international lawyers to make ‘ecocide’ a crime against nature. 22/06/2021.

Al Jazeera. ‘Historic moment’: Legal experts unveil new definition of ecocide. 22/06/2021.

The Guardian. Ecocide must be listed alongside genocide as an international crime. 22/06/2021.

The Guardian. Legal experts worldwide draw up ‘historic’ definition of ecocide. 22/06/2021.

Vice. The 200 Words That Could Save Life on Earth. 21/06/2021.

New Scientist. Ecocide may be on its way to becoming a new international crime. 05/05/2021.

Politico. The global campaign to make environmental destruction an international crime. 08/04/2021.

Inside Climate News. As the Climate Crisis Grows, a Movement Gathers to Make ‘Ecocide’ an International Crime Against the Environment. 7/04/2021.

El Pais. ‘Ecocidio’, un nuevo delito para proteger al planeta de la humanidad. 21/03/2021.

The Economist: Is it time for “ecocide” to become an international crime?”. 01/03/2021.

The Guardian. To stop climate disaster, make ecocide an international crime. It’s the only way. 24/02/2021.

Time. Lawyers Are Working to Put ‘Ecocide’ on Par with War Crimes. Could an International Law Hold Major Polluters to Account? 19/02/2021

New Statesman. Why ecocide should be a crime. 16/02/2021

The Independent. 2020 has been a bleak year in the climate crisis. So here’s the good news. 31/12/2020.


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