“SPP has long excluded companies committing serious environmental offenses from our investments. Humanity relies on nature for food, water, clean air, carbon sequestration to mitigate global warming, and much more. Offenses against nature ultimately translate into offenses against humanity and should therefore be dealt with in the same way.”

Johanna Lundgren Gestlöf
Chief sustainability officer, SPP

“In the long term, neither legislators nor consumers will accept products that destroy the planet. If you make adjustments early on, you have a competitive advantage.”

Karin Bodin
CEO, Polarbrödsgruppen

“This is a missing piece. The more I learn about it, the more obvious it is that this is a flagrantly missing part”

Andreas Follér
Head of Sustainability

“I think every company that wants to take responsibility should be positively inclined towards international legislation in this area as well.”

Eva Karlsson
CEO, Houdini Sportswear

”There isn’t enough skin in the game when it comes to destroying nature to make profit. The limited liability of companies and boards is simply asymmetric to the long term damage that can be caused. This must change and full accountability be introduced.”

David Ekelund
CEO, Icebug

”Firm legislation against ecocide would not only be a victory for the planet. It also strengthens the competitiveness of Swedish companies!”

Malin Ljung Eiborn
Sustainability Director, Rejlers AB

“Taking a stand for ecocide law is the easiest and most effective thing we can do for nature. No sensible person wants to destroy the planet, or thinks it should be allowed.”

Anders Sundin
CEO, Sokigo

Ethical Partners firmly believes all companies have a role in preserving a healthy environment, which is critical for societal, business, and economic wellbeing. This belief informs why we exclude companies with significant, adverse environmental impacts from investment and engage strongly with portfolio companies on nature. Recognising ecocide law could level the playing field for all businesses and prevent the worst cases of environmental destruction.

Nathan Parkin,
EthicalPartners Funds Managers 

“Mass destruction of the environment – ecocide – should be a crime. We support this and hope other banks will too. Banks can also redirect investments so that money flows to initiatives within planetary boundaries.”

Maria Flock Åhlander
CEO, Ekobanken

“Ecocide legislation is another such parameter that provides clarity. That will in turn benefit all the committed Swedish companies that exist today.”

Mats Bjelkevik
CEO, Indoor Energy

“Since the ever increasing economic growth system – acting on a planet with finite resources – cannot self-regulate itself, we need to activate Ecocide Law. Globally. Husstainability supports this initiative at 110%!”

Erik Huss
CEO, Husstainability

“Today the importance of international law is more relevant than ever. We set our hopes to legislation in areas such as genocide and laws of war to prevent and convict unacceptable actions. Let us include Ecocide in the tool box. Destruction of the environment and habitats caused by purpose must be condemned and legally enforced and the urgency is obvious.”

Thomas Sörensson
CEO, Scandinavian Enviro Systems.

”International ecocide law is very important to address large-scale environmental destruction. Self-regulation is mostly based on incremental improvement, which for large-scale issues simply is not enough. Ecocide law opens up for progressive companies and governments to show leadership and make significant difference.”

Niclas Ihrén
CEO, Matters Group

Ecocide law is the most important new piece of international legislation proposed so far in the twenty first century. It is essential to deliver human flourishing on a healthy planet.

Stewart Wallis
Executive Chair, Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Ecocide Law will provide the rules for economies that increase our wellbeing by preventing the loss of our fundamental systems of existence without which there is no economy.” 

Ian Roderic
Director of the Schumacher Institute

Establishing an ecocide law is about changing our norms about nature. It’s a no-brainer!” 

Anders Enetjärn
Founder of Ecogain, Business Developer, Thought Leader 

“There is only one rule that applies in the long term, and that is that without a healthy planet, none of us will thrive. Since many businesses tend to focus on the next quarter and politicians often serve under short terms, a lack of long-term perspective is immanent. International legislation that protects nature is, therefore, necessary to restore the balance and manifest long-term guidelines for those who wish to explore its resources.”

Misha Istratov
CEO of Elithus