The Schumacher Institute calls for ecocide law

The Schumacher Institute, an independent think tank, has declared its support for international ecocide law.

The Schumacher Institute is a diverse network of fellows and distinguished fellows dedicated to delivering innovative systems solutions to the world’s most pressing problems through research, training, events and consultancy.

“Across the world we are beginning to endow parts of nature, like rivers, with legal rights. For the first time, the Global biodiversity framework from UN COP15 in Montreal now mentions rights of nature and rights of Mother Earth. These are valuable steps towards the idea of earth jurisprudence, through which we can understand the relevance of governance beyond humanity to the whole earth community. 

A smaller step, which is independent from giving nature rights, is to legislate against mass environmental destruction, Ecocide Law. The idea is to encode, at the very top of the system, international criminal law that will provide the rules for economies that increase our wellbeing by preventing the loss of our fundamental systems of existence without which there is no economy. It offers a vision of hope and a call to action.”

  • Ian Roderick, Director of the Schumacher Institute

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