Ecogain webinar

Webinar: Ecocide – What is large-scale environmental destruction and what does international criminalization entail? On November 10th at 8:45 AM, Ecogain is hosting a webinar on ecocide and its impact on the environment and ecosystems, featuring Anders Enetjärn, environmental expert at Ecogain and Nina MacPherson as a guest. Time: 10 November kl 8.45am-9.15am Link: […]

Nordic Council urges governments to join ecocide law discussion

The decision was unanimous and thus has support from parties from across the political spectrum. Rebecka Le Moine, member of Sweden’s delegation to the Nordic Council, raised the proposal for ecocide law together with Simon Holmström from Åland and Janine Alm Ericson from Sweden. Rebecka Le Moine believes the need for ecocide law is increasingly […]

Swedish Prime Minister support

Background The consequences of the environmental destruction associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be felt long after the war is over, even beyond Ukraine’s borders. Ukraine is also driving the issue of holding those responsible for severe environmental damage internationally. President Zelenskyy has repeatedly referred to the environmental destruction as ecocide, and Ukraine’s 10-point […]

Exponential Roadmap Initiative recommends ecocide law

”Support publicly the inclusion of ecocide in legislation at all levels (global, regional, national, local).”  – Exponential Roadmap Initiative 1.5°C Business Playbook The new edition of the 1.5°C Business Playbook recommends members to support publicly the inclusion of ecocide in legislation at all levels. Exponential Roadmap Initiative members – endorsing the 1.5°C Business Playbook – […]

Well attended event at PRI

Caroline Mofors, board member of the Ecocide Law Alliance, introduced the proposal to criminalize mass destruction of the environment to an interested audience. The focus of this occasion was the definition for ecocide proposed by a panel of twelve experts in international criminal law and environmental law. It succinctly defines ecocide as “unlawful or wanton […]

Claes Dahlbäck: Legal clarity will help sustainable and important business

Why did you co-found Ecocide Law Alliance? I believe humanity must learn to use, but not consume, the resources created by the riches of nature. To do that, it’s good to have laws that clarify what is way beyond the pale in terms of what the environment can take. It benefits society as a whole, […]

Ecogain supports ecocide law

“Ecocide is about changing our norms about nature. It’s a no-brainer!”, says Anders Enetjärn, Founder of Ecogain, Business Developer and Thought Leader Earlier this year, Ecogain was doubly awarded at a gala in Umeå: the company was made “Growth company of the year” and founder Anders Enetjärn was awarded “Entrepreneur of the year”. Ecogain has […]

EU Parliament announces support for ecocide law

Ash Crow (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Yesterday, via announcement at a monthly plenary session, the European Parliament officially declared its support of the inclusion of ecocide-level crimes into the European Union’s revised Directive on protection of the environment through criminal law. The proposed text uses language extremely close to the consensus international definition of ecocide (June 2021) proposed by the Independent […]

Ecocide law and economics

A webinar on economics and ecocide law based on the report Ecocide law for an Economy within Planetary Boundaries. Missed the webinar? Never mind, the recording is here. Panelists:  Andrew Morlet, CEO of the prestigious Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which promotes a circular economy for the benefit of people, business and the natural world; Elin Bergman, COO […]

European Law Institute report on ecocide for the EU

With over 100 institutional members and over 1600 individual members from the legal profession around Europe, the independent Institute was founded in 2011 to “improve the quality of European law, understood in the broadest sense. It seeks to initiate, conduct and facilitate research, to make recommendations, and to provide practical guidance in the field of […]