Ecocide Law - A defining step for environmental accountability

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Jonas Roupé, Speaker and strategist, +46 (0)70 770 68 28

Jonas Roupé has degrees in business administration, political science, engineering and psychology. He is a former head of strategy at Ericsson, has held similar positions in several other companies, and is an experienced corporate advisor and board member. He is and has been advising privately owned companies, stock traded companies, government owned companies, trade organisations and NGOs. Jonas has worked with business renewal and sustainability issues since 1995, with the circular economy since 2013, with Ecocide for about as long.

"For years, I had been looking for something with the power to shift us into a sustainable, regenerative economy. Ecocide law can do this. It has the power to lay the foundations for a world circular economy."

Monica Schüldt, Media and PR, +46 (0)70 718 30 03

Master of Arts, Cambridge University. Post-graduate diploma in marketing.

Independent management consultant with 30+ years' experience.

Long-standing member of the global Time To Think Faculty, qualifying Thinking environment professionals.  

"Introducing ecocide law is the best way I know to protect my sister's two-year-old grandson and his little sister, who was born this summer."

Jon Bäcklund, Corporate outreach, +46 (0)70 600 04 48

Entrepreneur, with two successful business start-ups to his name. Board member of a broad range of companies. Experienced in raising funds for start-ups.

"As is increasingly evident, destruction of the natural world needs to stop. Ecocide Law in the Rome Statute is a highly effective - and readily available - place to start."

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