The 200 Words That Could Save Life on Earth. 21/06/2021.  

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Ecocide must be listed alongside genocide as an international crime. 22/06/2021

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‘Historic moment’: Legal experts unveil new definition of ecocide. 22/06/2021


Top international lawyers to make ‘ecocide’ a crime against nature. 22/06/2021.

Financial Times

Crime of ecocide could transform fight against climate change. 25/06/2021.

World Economic Forum

“The International Criminal Court prosecutes some of the most heinous crimes…. [Adding Ecocide to the list] could help in the fight against the climate crisis.” 01/07/2021.

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“How do we protect the planet from destruction? Make ecocide a crime.” o7/07/2021.


“Ecocide law will empower companies and countries to change their behaviour.” 13/07/2021.

Financial Times

Ecocide: a new weapon in the fight to save the planet. Podcast with Professor Philippe Sands. 31/07/2021.